The National Foaling Bank

Miss Johanna E. Vardon M.B.E.

Founded in 1965 by Miss Johanna Vardon, the National Foaling Bank has helped with over twenty thousand cases, uniting orphan foals with foster mares who have lost their own foal.

Johanna has worked tirelessly over many years to save the lives of orphaned foals and alleviate the distress of bereft mares. In so doing she has given outstanding support and wise advice to countless owners, often at very short notice at all hours. I am delighted to present the BEVA Welfare Award 2015 to such a deserving individual and offer many congratulations.

- Tim Porter, Chairman of Blue Cross, presenting Johanna with the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) Welfare Award 2015, at the BEVA Annual Congress, September 10th, 2015.


Flicka II was the mare who started it all - 'unwrapped' in the kitchen of the family's home on Christmas Day, a present to Johanna from her sister Veronica.

Flicka was the founder of 8 generations of almost 500 horses. It was her loss of a foal that led to the first adoption which was the spark for the creation of the National Foaling Bank.

Johanna with some of her large collection of prize-winning rosettes from some of her champion horses.